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Bönan is a sleepy fishing village on the Swedish coast, a couple of hours’ drive north of Stockholm. It’s just a few boats and a lighthouse, really. On an amazing nearby seaside lot, two of Skargaarden’s founders built what looks like a modern incarnation of a mid-century Case Study House. Now they needed a sofa. One that would capture the spirit of the house, the village and the Baltic coast, as well as art, love and preferably life in general. Oh, and it should be fit to leave by the pool all year, without maintenance or worries. Actually, that last point is something we’ve heard more than once from hotel and restaurant owners in warmer parts of the world as well. So why not make a sofa for Bönan that could be used anywhere? But in the end, we weren’t content just to make a sofa. We created a modular sofa system that can be assembled in many different combinations.

Kind of clever, if we may say so.

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